Menorah Manor: CPOE and eMAR Implementation Findings

Category: Impacts and Benefits of Electronic Medication Ordering and Administration
Organization Name: Menorah Manor- The Bernard L. Samson Nursing Center
Organization Type: Skilled Nursing Facility/Long Term Care Rehab Facility
Author: Chief Nursing Officer, Anabelle Locsin, EdD., RN, LNC

Organization Description: The Bernard L. Samson Nursing Center is located within Menorah Manor in Saint Petersburg, Florida. The CMS five star ranked non-profit facility has 180 beds and was an early adopter of electronic medical records and electronic medication administration. The facility has embraced the volume of data available with the conversion to electronic medication administration and uses the outcome data to drive resident quality of care and workflow decisions. The facility enjoys an active census averaging roughly high 30’s-50 new admissions per month, depending on the season.