Are You Prepared for the New ACO / MCO World?

If you want to participate with the Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) in your area; the acute hospitals are demanding quality care and positive outcomes from the LTPAC industry.  The Managed Care Organizations (MCO) for Medicaid expect quality care for a lower cost.

For you to deliver the desired outcomes and to have control over your operating costs you need an EHR partner that delivers the proper tools and support.  EHR implementation studies have all confirmed that a very important aspect for successful EHR implementation is a relationship with an EHR vendor that is capable and willing to be hands on during the training which is preceded by workflow re-engineering.  It is the workflow re-engineering hands on training that facilitates the mandatory staff conversion and EHR adoption. Optimus is the only EHR for LTPAC that makes that commitment to our partners and delivers this level of training and support.

In addition to the support, maximum results require the proper technology tools which include the EHR and the financial reporting necessary for control of operating expenses.  Once again Optimus EMR has exhibited its commitment to the Long Term Care community as a software innovator. The most recent example is the development and release of the new MDS Worksheet. This automated and highly intelligent tool benefits a facility and its MDS coordinator in several ways.

This new real-time tool informs and alerts the MDS coordinator to provide greater accuracy in his/her MDS reporting compliance and maximizing revenue. It’s all fully automated, even on weekends- so no missed ARD dates. We call it “Scheduling the Un- Scheduled” and it’s in REAL TIME!

COT assessments are never a problem as the MDS Worksheet automatically identifies the date and documents any necessary notes. Used as designed, the MDS worksheet and automated scheduler obviates the possibility of human error and thus the possibility of incurring provider default days and liability days.

Optimus EMR offers many other “firsts” and superior features benefiting LTC facilities and their residents.

The first fully integrated eMAR/eTAR now with the second generation eMAR.  An even more sophisticated version released last fall with advanced patient safety features.

  • Triple redundancy internet outage protection, guaranteeing 100% uptime so you never lose access to critical resident medical information.
  • Advanced Implementation and Training to insure realization of the full benefits of the EHR done by Optimus Employees. Never “farmed out”!
  • The industry’s most automated Billing/Financial System (OBFS) working through a single point of entry with Optimus clinical.
  • Optimus Select packaging insures the creation of a feature/pricing plan to meet your unique needs at a low cost.
  • Complete CPOE system with Bi-directional HL7 interfaces with all major Pharmacy Systems, Labs, and Radiology companies.

To learn more about the MDS Worksheet or other Optimus benefits call 1-888-242-9080 x214 or contact us today.