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Hurricane Sandy & Optimus EMR On-Site Redundancy

Hurricane Sandy occurred in October 2012 and brought widespread devastation and severely affected the utilities and other services in our area of Long Island, NY. In fact, we were without electricity for 23 hours and used our backup generators during that time period. In addition, our internet services were out which meant that communication to the Optimus EMR data centers was not possible.

Despite these utility outages, we were able to function using the Optimus EMR because of its on-site redundancy feature called an Evergreen Device. This Evergreen Device allows a facility to maintain normal operations during periods of utility outages including the internet. We deliver care to 460 residents and access to our medical records must be available 100% of the time.

Are You Prepared for the ICD-10 Transition?

Will you be ready for ICD-10-CM on October 1, 2015? The current plan by governmental agencies is to implement ICD-10-CM in the United States this fall. Advocates for this change point out that ICD-9-CM went into effect in the US in 1979 and is obsolete, inadequate, and inflexible. The experts further state that the 69,000 plus codes of ICD-10-CM will provide more information and specificity on US morbidity statistics and improve data used for defining healthcare policy, providing appropriate reimbursement, researching epidemiological problems, making care decisions, and identifying quality care.

Menorah Manor: CPOE and eMAR Implementation Findings

Category: Impacts and Benefits of Electronic Medication Ordering and Administration
Organization Name: Menorah Manor- The Bernard L. Samson Nursing Center
Organization Type: Skilled Nursing Facility/Long Term Care Rehab Facility
Author: Chief Nursing Officer, Anabelle Locsin, EdD., RN, LNC

Organization Description: The Bernard L. Samson Nursing Center is located within Menorah Manor in Saint Petersburg, Florida. The CMS five star ranked non-profit facility has 180 beds and was an early adopter of electronic medical records and electronic medication administration. The facility has embraced the volume of data available with the conversion to electronic medication administration and uses the outcome data to drive resident quality of care and workflow decisions. The facility enjoys an active census averaging roughly high 30’s-50 new admissions per month, depending on the season.