Automation, Accountability & Efficiency with MDS 3.0

Way back in the beginning, when OBRA 87 evolved, I was handed a box of forms and a large cumbersome manual. That paper version of the Minimum Data Set (MDS) assessment had little triangles next to each question. You took those little symbols and compared and calculated to determine whether or not an area would trigger. Case mix scores? It took hours to calculate, that is, if you could understand the complicated government imposed, hand written algorithms.

When and if you figured that out, the actual MDS was put into a form that didn’t resemble the MDS I just spent hours doing! I also had to re-enter the numbers for submission on the 286 computer, so they could be submitted. That, in addition to loading the MDS form on a DOT Matrix printer, making sure it was lined up properly. It sometimes took several tries as the field just didn’t match up and the answers often showed in a wrong answer box. Frustrating? You bet.

Fast forward to automation with the Optimus EMR automated MDS 3.0 system. Today, with a laptop or tablet, I enter my progress notes, assessments, my CNA’s are entering resident care right at the bedside and lo and behold, all of that information flows throughout the chart! When I create a new MDS, it is completely filled-out, correct and in real-time. Manually filling out my 672 and 802 is a thing of the past. In mere seconds, I create my report and my forms are filled out in real time. Where it used to take hours to document MDS information, it now is completed in just a few minutes. A single point of entry with full accountability – complete and accurate. All due to an innovative group of former health care visionaries that have created Optimus EMR.