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Hurricane Sandy & Optimus EMR On-Site Redundancy

Hurricane Sandy occurred in October 2012 and brought widespread devastation and severely affected the utilities and other services in our area of Long Island, NY. In fact, we were without electricity for 23 hours and used our backup generators during that time period. In addition, our internet services were out which meant that communication to the Optimus EMR data centers was not possible.

Despite these utility outages, we were able to function using the Optimus EMR because of its on-site redundancy feature called an Evergreen Device. This Evergreen Device allows a facility to maintain normal operations during periods of utility outages including the internet. We deliver care to 460 residents and access to our medical records must be available 100% of the time.

Clinical Decision Support

In your community, how often does this scenario occur?

You arrive in the morning and see that a recently admitted resident was sent to the hospital overnight with increased confusion and fever. In hindsight, you learn that the resident was not themselves, was restless and was assisted to the bathroom multiple times the night before last. The resident dozed yesterday and did not go to the Dining Room for any of their meals and ate little in their room. You review the documentation, track down the Nurse Assistant who cared for the resident yesterday who reports that the resident was “not herself, but I knew she was up most of the night. I reported it to the nurse.”


Paper Med & Treatment Pass vs. Today’s eMAR & eTAR

This is a true story. When I first got out of nursing school, I was given the assignment of passing meds and doing treatments for 25 residents in a long-term care facility. I walked in the room and a sweet little lady was sitting in a rocker next to the bed. “Mrs. Black,” I asked? She replied,” yes” so I prepared and gave her meds. About that time a CNA walked in and said, “Mrs. White, let’s get you back to your room.” Well, you can imagine my horror.

OIE 2014 – A Wealth of New Information

Continuous innovation has always been a hallmark of Optimus EMR.  At our upcoming 2014 Optimus Information Exchange, October 1-2 in Tampa Bay, Florida, customers will once again learn about exciting new developments within the Optimus system. Following is a brief overview of some of the topics to be covered:

  • Deficiency Free Surveys: Be prepared for more than just the State Survey with tips and ideas to help manage your data and software so it’s not managing you.
  • Interoperability: Customers will learn about the next generation of Interfaces. CCD, RHIO, Clinical Data interfaces and more.
Optimus CPOE module

CPOE System – Integrated & Efficient

Just imagine: It’s the 17th of the month and the MAR’s and TAR’s have been sent to the pharmacy to be printed. In the 10 days before they come back, I have at least 100 new orders that will have to be manually written on the new orders sheets – ugh! I also have to do a double check on each and every resident’s orders just to make sure that they are correct. And how do I accomplish this? By pulling paper charts, one at a time, painstakingly going through each and every order, writing them in on the new MAR, plus calling the physician, because, hey here’s 2 orders that he didn’t sign. That in addition to documenting in the nurses notes, faxing the new order to the pharmacy, and writing the new order on the PO sheet. What a lot of paperwork!