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Are You Prepared for the ICD-10 Transition?

Will you be ready for ICD-10-CM on October 1, 2015? The current plan by governmental agencies is to implement ICD-10-CM in the United States this fall. Advocates for this change point out that ICD-9-CM went into effect in the US in 1979 and is obsolete, inadequate, and inflexible. The experts further state that the 69,000 plus codes of ICD-10-CM will provide more information and specificity on US morbidity statistics and improve data used for defining healthcare policy, providing appropriate reimbursement, researching epidemiological problems, making care decisions, and identifying quality care.

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CMS Will Conduct Focused Surveys in 2015
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced that they will conduct focused surveys in certified nursing facilities nationwide in 2015. The focused surveys will review MDS 3.0 coding and staffing levels using record review, observations, and interviews with staff and residents.

CMS piloted the focused survey earlier this year, surveying five facilities in each of five states, including Minnesota. The pilot focused on the resident assessment processes in more detail than the annual surveys.  Findings from the pilot included inaccurate staging and documentation of pressure ulcers, lack of knowledge regarding the classification of antipsychotic drugs, and poor coding regarding the use of restraints. All but one of the 25 facilities had deficiencies cited by the surveyors.