OIE 2014 – A Wealth of New Information

Continuous innovation has always been a hallmark of Optimus EMR.  At our upcoming 2014 Optimus Information Exchange, October 1-2 in Tampa Bay, Florida, customers will once again learn about exciting new developments within the Optimus system. Following is a brief overview of some of the topics to be covered:

  • Deficiency Free Surveys: Be prepared for more than just the State Survey with tips and ideas to help manage your data and software so it’s not managing you.
  • Interoperability: Customers will learn about the next generation of Interfaces. CCD, RHIO, Clinical Data interfaces and more.
  • MDS Worksheet: You’ve heard about it and now you’ll get an in-depth look at how it works to insure that you are never faced with Provider Liability Days again.
  • INTERACT III Demo: Fit all the missing pieces of resident clinical care together. Our customers will learn about the prompts that guide the staff to assess and act immediately to achieve enhanced resident health and prevent complications and hospitalizations.
  • CMS Emergency Preparedness: Guidelines to determine how prepared you really are to meet the needs of residents and staff during disasters and emergency situations.
  • 24 Hour Shift Report Product Demonstration: With this new Optimus tool you will learn how to customize the 24 Hour and Shift Report to maximize the benefits to your team.
  • ACOs & Delivering What They Want: How do you streamline the use of data to insure that you stay at the forefront of this rapidly changing environment to insure long term stability in LTC.
  • New eMAR, Refills, Bar Code Scanning: Learn about conversion to the enhanced eMAR (originally created by Optimus) and see the latest addition to Pharmacy interfaces with refill request processing and bar code scanning.
  • SQL Queries for Do-It-Yourselfers: Learn about the new set up being released that will allow customers to write custom SQL queries across one or all of your facilities’ data.
  • Medical Records Policies: Use the system Audit Tools to assist your management team in evaluating system use. It can’t help unless you use it. We’ll show you how.
  • Engineering Timeline: What’s next from the development team? What can you expect in future releases. This is also the time to bring your “Wish List” to Optimus!

This is just a sampling of topics to be covered at OIE 2014. We look forward to seeing you there. With your help, Optimus EMR is committed to setting the standard for software systems in long term care.