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Glossary of Electronic Health and Medical Records Related Terms

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EHR (Electronic Health Record)

The electronic health record is a more advanced version of an EMR which provides communication with disparate clinical systems and allows for the sharing of medical information electronically. To achieve interoperability disparate EMRs and clinical systems must have common methods of communicating electronically that are safe, secure and with communication and data standards that allow for the sharing to be seamless and accurate.

EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

The electronic medical record is generally considered to be the composite of all medical and personal information collected regarding individual patients and maintained in a single medical setting such as a SNF or physician office. A complete EMR will allow for medical information collection, access on demand and retention for all medical and patient information that is appropriate and required to accomplish the desired patient care and regulatory compliance. The quality of an EMR should be measured and evaluated based on several factors including: ease of use, adaptability and support of good practices and workflow in the care setting, functional efficiency and the quality of information that is captured and available for use within the care setting.