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Glossary of Electronic Health and Medical Records Related Terms

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SaaS (Software as as Service)

Software as a Service is generally defined as making the functions of a software system available to a customer through the Internet and with remote hosting of the system. Additionally, not having the application software and mass database storage devices being maintained or owned by the customer is considered part of the services to be offered. The benefits to the customer of SaaS are many, but most importantly the benefits include a lower cost of acquiring the software’s features and functions, a lower cost to manage and maintain the system and database environment and reduced complexity and staffing in the customer’s IT and IS organization.

Structured Progress Notes

Progress notes using preformatted clinical phrases, along with clinical pathways and drill down to the desired level of clinical detail allows for complete clinical documentation and efficiency of entry. This method of clinical documentation also allows for standardized nomenclature which supports interoperability directly when the sharing of information is based on standard data formats and nomenclature.