Customer Support
And Consulting

Our customer commitment includes an assigned system integration specialist (SIS) who provides as-needed advice to help customers optimize system utilization, audit results, accelerate user expertise and train staff on new modules as desired. The consulting calls help with best practices that lead to operating improvements, better surveys and the ultimate realization of the maximum ROI.

Our 24-hour a day, seven-days-a-week help desk is staffed with highly trained and knowledgeable personnel to properly support the clinical and billing staff using the Optimus Systems.

System Architecture

Optimus EMR delivers its industry-leading software applications in a browser-based Microsoft.NET architecture. This architecture combines the rich functionality of the mature Optimus EMR system with the flexibility and power of the Web, delivering unparalleled performance and lower total cost of ownership. The Optimus EMR system’s user-friendly and intelligent screens can be securely accessed from any computer with a browser.

The Optimus EMR system architecture is the perfect next-generation technology for organizations and chains of all sizes. Optimus EMR has engineered a unique safety or “redundancy” feature into the Optimus EMR system by employing an “evergreen appliance” in the facility to ensure continued system operation by clinical staff even in the event of an internet outage. This is an important and unique feature only available with the Optimus EMR system. Optimus EMR understands that with a true EMR system, the facility cannot “go down” or revert to paper records. Mission-critical activities continue even in the absence of a live Internet connection, thus preventing the facility from having to go back to paper and possibly lose important data and related reimbursement.

Optimus EMR Hosting Services and Software as a Service (SaaS)

Optimus EMR offers complete application hosting services, including remote access, data backups, built-in site redundancy for mission-critical application support and disaster recovery services, which eliminates the need for the facility to maintain a complicated and expensive IT environment.

Optimus EMR utilizes two SAS 70 Type II-certified data centers for its hosting services, incorporating state-of-the-art server and storage technologies. The actual hosting services are provided by a third party from two complementary sites, with complete redundancies for internet connectivity, power, HVAC and internal network operation.

The Optimus EMR system has been completely designed to function as a service. This is very important in today’s operational environment and will become more important in the future. SaaS allows each subscriber or end user to obtain the functionality of the most powerful and robust solution at the lowest possible cost. In the SaaS delivery model, the cost of technology ownership and maintenance is substantially reduced.