Our Guarantee Of
Customer Success

We recognize the challenging operating environment of our customers and strive to help each customer to be more successful through affordable technology that is properly designed and correctly implemented. Our implementation philosophy is a differentiator and strength of Optimus EMR. To accomplish our mutual goals, the Optimus EMR implementation team becomes a part of each customer’s team through comprehensive consulting and training methods that are supported by on-site and off-site training activities, which include:

For the EHR, we use an intense four-phase on-site/off-site initial training course for CNAs, nurses, therapists and all other system users.

For OBFS, the training is broken down into many remote sessions that allow for hands-on staff implementation after each session. This produces the desired result of qualified billing and financial users in a short time period.

Expert assistance with work flow re-engineering and internal policies and procedures.

The Optimus EMR “Guarantee of Customer Success” ensures customer satisfaction through implementation, and a commitment post implementation to each customer that it will realize the many financial and operational benefits of the Optimus EMR system.